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  1. southwestjar162 forever

    msi gs66 stealth or this

  2. Sébastien Foutrier

    I had several Razer product that I liked, but hose aged too soon. (you know the mouse that become sticky after 2 years of usage). But my experience with Razer is the deception: I recently bought the Nari Ultimate to replace my aging Siberia 800 (from steelseries), because de price tag of the Arctis Pro Wireless (replacement of the Siberia 800 from Steelseries) was really higher.

    1. Sébastien Foutrier

      The sound was so bad compared to my old one, that I bought 2 months after the Arctis Pro Wireless (and I am more than happy with it) Same thing for my last mouse: I bought a Razer, had issue with double click from time time. I saw video explaining how to fix it, but hey, with the price I paid I don't want to get annoyed with failing products. So I bought the last Steelseries Rival 3 Wireless, super low price tag, and really works better than the expensive Razer.

  3. Asad Munir

    But it was already unboxed!

  4. Akhil Jain

    Hey! Can you tell me if it is possible to use optimus with the 144hz gsync screen?

  5. lowercvse

    the amazon affiliate link is broken

  6. Pradeep S

    If possible can u do a video on laptops for architecture

  7. Emad Shafiq

    How it is a laptop if you can't put it on your lap?

  8. Bea Mar

    Still miss how the iphone would automatically have slide shows off my pics and how notifications show up compared to the pixel 3XL. Is there a pixel 5xl? If this could change, the pixel would definitely be my first choice since I'm more of a picture person.

  9. menswearhous

    iphone 7+ checking in....looks like im waiting one more year :(

  10. Riasat

    Got the s10 plus because of the headphone jack. Higher refresh screen looks cool, but at the end of the day, missing it won't significantly hamper your user experience the way missing the headphone jack will. Last Samsung phone probability. Hope those SeedPods for w.e they call their Bluetooth crap sales are worth losing loyal customers.

  11. Gavin Manteuffel

    i got one almost 6 years ago with an i5, 960m, 500 gig HD and 16g ram and was just over 1000 so not too bad. i got a 500gig external ssd that was cheaper and faster than upgrading to the TB HD tho cus 500gig not that much space. thing still has been chuggin along with daily use and keeping up with modern games with 50+ frames, so i think it was a pretty good choice. the trackpad and battery are definitely an issue tho like he said lol i usually just use a mouse

  12. jerry

    watching this video with no money.. broke af 😂😂

  13. supehia arvind

    You make it so simple and straight👍🏻

  14. Radheya Singasane

    hi, could you give me the link for the sliced skull wallpaper at 2:26 ?

  15. Jacopo Piscina

    If only apple knew people would talk so much about the removed brick, they could have gone with 4G once more and save some bucks on modems and ads

  16. Corey Gibbs

    Does anyone in the US have this on Cricket/ATT network? worried about the LTE signal reception...

  17. ʜᴀᴋᴋᴜ ᴋᴜɴ

    does the mousepad work with any other razer wireless mouse? i think it doesn't work with other companies

  18. sakib ahmed

    same Charging Port ... *__*

  19. Sanskar Tewatia

    Man I believe you should have looked again at the 2020 model. For lesser price we are getting rtx2060, fully customizable RGB lighting and full blown out exhaust pipes to help keep your mouse hand warm. I'm loving my helios 2020!

  20. TheSH1N1GAM1

    If they had high refresh rates this year, I would have bought it. Waiting for next year. Disappointed that the blue colors will probably be replaced by something else. My favorite iPhone colors by far.

  21. Abdul Azeemuddin


  22. sakib ahmed

    all the reviewers are making more fuss about 8T not having a wireless charging system than iPhone12 not having a Fking Charger in the box .. they are giving a clean break. Nobody is bitching about how fake the "save the environment" claim is from Apple. Apple is putting a "Lighting Port" in late 2020 to sell accessories and lighting to C port charging cable to sell a "Charger with usb-C port".

  23. Daniel Bilton

    Pretty impressed with the 4a battery life I got 8hr and 40 minutes!

  24. No Name

    literally a hunk of junk

  25. Simmer Pete

    It’s a flop dude just say it. Lol


    I plan on buying this laptop since it's on my budget but when I looked online, I realized shit I'm in a third world country. The price would be tripled 😅

  27. Montasim Billah

    Cut the crap!!! Why everyone praises design of this this shit phone!!! Still those old age notches!!! Seriously... Apple just ceases to redesign their phone to a new level...

  28. A C

    I have the 12 and it’s awesome, I wouldn’t shell out the extra couple hundred just for the pro now that I’ve had this phone for a few days now

  29. earlbee31

    No charger no buy My iPhone 7 sill works okay ✌🏻👨🏻‍🦰✌🏻

  30. Connor Burke

    I wish I had known about this laptop when I was searching for a new one. For some reason, I knew nothing about GPUs, or anything like that in laptops (I only new about ram and storage...). I instead got a Thinkpad P43s, which to be honest is absolute garbage. If you are thinking about getting the P43s or the P14s, don't. It thermal throttles like mad, and if you want to do any form of gaming, you can't. It can pretty much only do CAD, and it can only do it unplugged, because for some reason having it plugged in makes performance worse (how?). Sorry I had to rant...

  31. al's Will

    What are you stupid idiots paying Now ,Damn are you Fools !!! It will be great when your rent bail out ends !!!

  32. Cletus Dias

    That brick thing was genius!

  33. rustle

    if they didn’t include a usb c to lightning it would of been more excusable but instead they shit the BED

  34. Dishwaterrr

    "And its only 60Hz" lol iphone 12 pro too rip

  35. Ari Pauls

    Question: do you think there is a difference between buying sim free iPhone from Apple vs. an iPhone that is unlocked and sim free using the Verizon link (also from the apple store)? One reason I ask this because the apple website says all the phones are unlocked. Also, because I just want to take my current SIM card (Verizon) from my iPhone X and put it into my iPhone 12 (if I order one) without having to start a 5G plan. Which option do you think would have the easiest results?

  36. ILovePizza

    just bought this laptop, so stoked for it!!

  37. S1lver 720s

    and im here watching on my iPhone 6s like 👁👄👁

  38. J W

    cant people just say buy it or not buy it

  39. Rhon Louie CALLENERO

    I think the speakers on this laptop are way better compared to other gaming laptops, as from what I saw in some review videos 🤔

  40. Murrielle Arenas

    4:27 is this in toronto or vancouver

  41. Darky Lucy

    haha when i was younger we have bulky tv screns for old statsnoray pc whit windos 95 no i have legion and funny enogh i only have it like 2 years and 8 month and soon i might need a new one couse this new age shitt whit games neding more pcu and higer grafick ewen do it loke the same ether way so strare i think! sorry i am old shcoll! but monny its not a thing i have or own and boght my lenovo legyigion 2gb y520 2 years and 8 month ago for 10000 dollars in swden so shild att lest be hodling the games att medeums for 5 years i think! it did before so sometimes i really wounder how any or all can buy all this stuff goring fourth! i sure can.t sucks

  42. M S

    I have a love/hate relationship with the red color this year. I got it in red and I can’t stop looking at it. It calls out to me like a cursed jewel

  43. FireStar

    iphone 12 vs pixel 5 please

  44. Matthew Keehan

    Bought iPad Air on release day. Returned it the next day. Couldn't stand the way the pencil worked. The lag was unbearable. First time I ever returned an Apple product. Disappointed.

  45. Jack Ultra Motor

    you can take a clothes cover the magsafe brick and books then when you take the phone it won't stick up.

  46. Peter Apostolakos

    Ohhhhh i where the name comes from now.... U expect a charger, look in box, and get air....ohhhh hehehe

  47. Mehdi Silini

    Welcome to 2020 where a billion dollar company asks its own consumer to save the environment by cutting essential tools to the product sold while not cutting the price whatsoever. What a time to be alive.

  48. Davien D

    Practically a guru at this point

  49. Gede Wibawa Cakramurti

    Instant like because the charging brick so damn good!

  50. Titanium Tronic

    Petition for dave lee to review Machenike Laptops!!! 👇

  51. Happydrunkgamer

    I’ve just ordered one and my sister is taking my s20 ultra (great phone overkill for my wfh life), I’m in the uk and went for the cheaper silver model at £549, you are completely correct in calling out the piece in the US, even in the the £649 for the 12GB/256GB model makes no sense as the 8 Pro is currently £649 on Amazon. The main reason for me going for the 8T over the pro is the screen size and ultra fast charging. I don’t need an amazing camera, I barley leave the house these days never mind take photos and as I often work random hours and need my phone being able to charge in short bursts is going to be a big help.

  52. Joey Nickalo

    I really dislike this guy...

  53. Just_zak_.

    Am going to be buying this laptop am getting the higher end model of it which cost $1,050

  54. safenightsarewicked

    My MacBook Air is dogshit now it lasted 5 years, I miss being able to use steam (32-bit games) and having a functioning battery

  55. Toot Taataa

    The magnet wireless charger allows you to use the phone while wireless charging it. and it is better than lightning port that can break .

  56. MaliDaki

    I hate how they all follow Marqueses opinion. Flash news for you and your buddy Marques. Nobody cares about 120hz

  57. Luke Bernal

    The Ideapad Gaming 3i isn't bad.

    1. Antoine Villarreal

      Do you own one? I want to buy the i5 10300H version but I want to know how are thermals

  58. Just_zak_.

    I would get a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro but I had both an they both got hot and the MacBook Air turns into a jet 🛩. And going to be getting a windows laptop

  59. Juan Esteves

    Nobody cares about high refresh screen!

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  61. Alexander Cho

    You answered my question about the compatibility of the Apple Pencil with the Pro vs the Air, thanks!

  62. Sundeep Singh

    Doesn’t the 12 pro have 4X optical zoom?

  63. Ming chen

    pro always pro if iPad air has the 120hz really become the pro killer. KO!

  64. Rafael Vasile

    Is the lenovo 5 better that this? In my budget i need to choose from those 2.

  65. Marian Crkon

    The difference is really just a $150 when you compare the 128GB versions.

  66. Wilson Mathias

    What's that sound @14:27 ?

  67. Mike Fung

    what's the difference beyond use of apple pencil for 120Hz screen over 60 Hz? Most cameras can't even film 120 fps videos. I feel like the application of 120 Hz screen on a phone is very much subdued compared to on an iPad. Maybe smoother to scroll across the pages

  68. Brad Hayes

    Apparently the Zeferus has crazy good battery life becasue of AMD too and you can even take it one step further and play your lighter games on the integrated GPU without chewing up your battery. AFAIK.

  69. N8

    They really should not have had magsafe come out this year. It has next to no real fuctionality whatsover. Its just another case of Apple trying to create a problem and then sell the solution for it. Only they forgot to create the problem, the charging port is still there, they just didn't give us a power brick. Ugh. I wish reviewers would call them out on the buisness practices more, no other phone company could get away with this

  70. Fatma Yuksel

    i was cooking stuff on the ps4 ACTUALY

  71. Wilson Limpo

    Brilliant. Thanks!

  72. Alan Li

    I thought Dave just graduated from college...

  73. Ezekiel Gomez-Goldberg

    still rocking the 2018 model. This year's looks nice but I hate how they made it look even more "gamer"

  74. Alex Alucard

    I might have to wait until next year for the 120Hz

  75. erdem10xxx

    I do prefer the girth -Dave, 2020

  76. Anand Kewal

    250 years behind Huawei

  77. payam firouzi

    Can u do a comparison between 8 pro and 8t?

  78. Daniel Sapojnikov

    "gaming phone" mission complete

  79. MrOrangeSmash

    Me and my brother both got 12 pros this Friday and I got gold and he got the pacific blue then a few hours later we both had gold the blue on the normal 12 seems so much better then the pros blue.

  80. מיקי אוחיון

    Bulshit, The most uncomfortable headphones that exist, Shiti Headphones.🤮🤮🤮🤮